sarahphotoSarah Oliver was born August 15, 1973. She lives in Portland, Oregon where she has lived on and off since nineteen-eighty.  Leaving home at a yearly age she spent over twenty-five years studying esoteric topics and in an independent study of psychology, structures of power, and spiritual discernment.

She spent over a decade as a producer; producing political campaigns and educational events/workshops, bringing together like-minded individuals to learn more about themselves and to make a positive difference in the world. Amongst her many veins of work, she has also volunteered for numerous ecological and social justice causes. She has taught meditation and esoteric topics inside male state prisons and federal penitentiaries to address the issue of how identity plays into recidivism rates.

At 23 years old, and as a single mother, she started her own birth doula business after the birth of her daughter. She taught classes preparing women for birth as a rite of passage rather then a medical event in their lives. These early classes incorporated ritual, art therapy, meditation, hypnosis, trance work, couples interpersonal therapeutic work, group therapy, along with standard childbirth education. She went to many births in homes, hospitals, and in birthing centers in Portland, Oregon and Seattle Washington.

In her late thirties she got an opportunity to work with death and dying, something she had always wanted to do since her birthing years. She has completed over 4000 hours as a PCA in end of life care. The birth and postpartum doula work was very similar, and at times near identical, to her work in hospice only at the other end of the spectrum of life.  Birth and Death have been incredible teachers and strong allies for her.  She has been accepted into the program at Hopewell Hospice House in Portland, Oregon where she shares her hospice skills to the patients and families under Hopewell’s care. She  is currently working with Caring Heart where she has been employed for the past two years, a very well known and respected care provider in the Portland area. In addition to the hospice work she is available to her clients in many capacities through private practice.

In her free time she loves floating in salt-water sensory deprivation tanks, writing, and meeting truly free thinkers. After a lifetime navigating the eastern spiritual subculture here in the west she finds that stand up comedians are the only true living saints of the human condition. So please support the real humanitarians at your local comedy club.

“I am just a human being trying to make it in a world that is rapidly losing its understanding of being human” ~John Trudell

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